Stopping Cravings

Kid and burger

Stopping cravings, is not that hard. We all have certain foods which we crave for, some people even crave for the food alone, regardless which food it is. Craving is one of the most important elements in weight loss, if you are able to control it.

When we look at the majority of the foods we are craving for they are all carbohydrate based. Carbohydrates are sugars which do not taste sweet, but we can’t trick the brain, the brain loves these none sweet sugars like nothing else. But it also loves the sugars which do taste sweet. The brain is a sugar junkie, it just cant get enough of the stuff.

Weight Loss And Blood Sugars

The moment blood sugar levels in the body start to drop the brain gets the first signal from the pancreas detecting the reduction of blood sugar level. The brain immediately responds with two signals one to the mouth and it starts preparing the mouth for sugars that will follow shortly, the “water in the mouth” feeling is the most obvious one. The second is send to the eyes and hand, the eyes to look for more sugars, the hands to prepare the food and transport it to the mouth.

It is easy to give in to the signals given by the brain to the body to start looking for more sugars, but it is possible to break the habits, and just not give in. However a strong will power would be part of the solution. Most people do not have this kind of will power and easily give in to the cravings.

Food Habits, Kill Them

The more we feed the habit, the more the blood sugar levels drop and rise, we need to see if we can eliminate these spikes in blood sugar level.

The easiest thing to do, is to eat less sugars (carbohydrates) the second thing to is even easier, eat slowly. Eating slowly does not give the body extreme spikes in blood sugar levels, and gives the body time to adapt. Think about the Italians and the Greeks, every meal they consume takes time, lots of time. The rise and fall of blood sugar levels is slow and the body has all the time to adapt.


Protein And Moderation Is The Answer To Everything

The third solution would be to eat protein instead of the sugars, proteins feed the body properly, are high in energy but hardly contain any sugars.

Moderation would be the key word. Think “moderation” when you know that cravings for food are your problem. Rather stay away from that food you are craving for, break the habit. And by doing so, salute yourself once a week, with the food you normally would crave for on a daily basis. This will in the end give more satisfaction then anything else.

To curb the hunger and stop the cravings in the long term, eat more proteins. Proteins are the most nutritious foods in our food chain, not always as easy to find, not always as tasty, but if you have the choice between taste and health; which one will it be?

Ramadan and Weight Loss – The Healthy Way Of Fasting

Ramadan, Rahmadan or Ramadon are all the same word for the Muslim month of fasting. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the pillars of the Islamic believes. Ramadan is the month where Muslims, from sunrise in the morning till sunset in the evening, not consume any food or drinks. It is a time of friendship, reflection and harmony.

Ramadan is also an ideal moment in the year to shed these extra kilograms, and with millions of Muslims worldwide participating in this annual religious event, an ideal moment to take charge, and reduce weight properly.

Ramadan And Weight Loss

Ramadan can create good food habits. The good thing about Ramadan is that there is a daily routine and that everyone is doing it, with that there is huge social control of the masses, and this can help the one losing weight. The routine starts with eating just before sunrise, then the fast during the day and preserving energy till the evening, then breaking the fast with friends and family and making sure that the body gets all the nutrients needed for the next 24 hours.


Weight Loss And Breaking The Fast

During the breaking of the fast every day, the main problem is sugars and carbohydrates. People eat lots of rice, noodles, bread, potatoes and other high carb foods, to fill their stomachs, and to satisfy the taste buds with lots of sweets. Do this for a month and a sugar habit is created. But what if we can use the Ramadan month to create good habits.

Protein And Ramadan

Ramadhan can bring the ideal fasting menu. Start breaking the fast with a small bite, ideally high in fibers and sugars, dades are a perfect food and source of proteins. Followed by two glasses of water to detox and reduce toxins. Then eat slowly a good proportionate meal, with lots of vegetables and high in protein, fish, chicken breast, to give the body all the nutrients it needs. Keep drinking lots of water during evening. Most Muslims only have two meals, break fast and at sohur, but better is to eat more during the even, and to stay away from carbohydrates where you can. We do not suggest to stop eating rice, noodles and bread at all, but be sensible.

Detox During Ramadan

Keeping up with this program, the body will automatically detox during the day, and that is a welcome benefit. If this is kept up for a month good weight management are developed and not only the stomach was fed, but also all the body sells. We should eat for our cells, not just for our palate and stomachs. Keeping the cells happy will make the body strong and energetic. If done properly a weight loss or weight management during the Ramadan month can deliver the body with a boost of energy.

All in all the holy month of Ramadan is the ideal moment for reflections on life, stop the cravings and lose weight at the same time.